Team Building is a Very Important Part of Productivity


Team building serves the important purpose of improving motivation and productivity. Removing employees from the office enables people to break down their personal barriers, get rid of distractions and have some fun. Team building programs are associated with significant benefits that have led to team building strategies being incorporated into the training processes of various corporations.

Several companies use escape rooms as effective methods for working towards the development of their teams. Experiencing the conditions of these rooms makes it easier for employees to develop their skills. The rooms involve nurturing cooperation among the players and all participants are required to do their part in making sure that the team is able to escape the room.

Escape Rooms and Team Building

Businesses that have had the opportunity to take their staff to experience the escape room have achieved impressive rates of success in regards to the collaboration of their teams within the workplace. This is attributed to the amount of interaction among participating teams.

  • Escape games are alternative team building activities that companies can use to test their team’s skills. They improve collaboration, efficiency and creative thinking in the workplace.
  • A combination of puzzles and elements make it necessary for the participants to use both their individual and team power to accomplish the goal. This type of high-impact and pressure-filled environment gives teams the chance to improve performance.
  • Escape games encourage colleagues to interact and express themselves with ease, which is less likely to occur in the workplace.

Fostering Teamwork

Players are expected to use their cognitive skills and be observant as they withstand the pressure of limited time. They work together in unity in order for them to be able to escape the room. During this process they start knowing each other better.

  • Escape rooms are team building activities that encourage teams to be creative when dealing with challenges.
  • Team members grow closer and managing to escape creates a sense of accomplishment and success. This type of team building provides a fun and fascinating environment that improves valuable skills such as sharing abilities and time management.
  • Succeeding in team building requires teams to work together.
  • Company managers can observe the performance of the groups.

Skill Development

The characteristics of team members when they are inside the room should ideally be the same as those that help organizations succeed.

  • Players need to be able to listen to each other to facilitate their escape.
  • Strategic planning involves quickly prioritizing and creating action plans that are effective.
  • The team needs a good coordinator who displays good leadership skills. Everyone should think creatively and work together to escape.
  • Believing in your abilities and not giving up is based on positive thinking.


When players apply their skills in a bid to find solutions for problems they are able to acknowledge the contributions that everyone makes. Communication among players is vital for success. Participants should listen to each other’s views and develop the listening skills that are useful for success in the workplace. The pressure that is created in escape rooms enables players to develop their relationships when they are compelled to contribute to the game and work harmoniously.