Electricity is one of the most important resources that we need on a daily basis. We use electrical power to run our appliances, electronics, and even our cars. Today, there are two main sources of electricity. These are the main grid and solar panels. Grid electricity is provided by local utility companies. On the other hand, solar electricity is provided through a solar panels system. Some people are able to save money on electricity bills by running a hybrid power system that uses both grid and solar panel electricity. Read on to discover how they accomplish this.

How to get solar electricity in your premises

You can get a solar power system in your home or business premises in two ways. You can install it yourself or hire a professional solar panel company to do it for you. The latter option provides better results. This is because they perform a number of activities before, during, and after installation. These activities include:

  • Performing a solar feasibility study on your property
  • Designing a custom solar power system
  • Estimating the cost of installation and service
  • Creating a financial structure that ensures maximum Return On Investment (ROI) after installation
  • Constructing and engineering the system
  • Providing project management services
  • Installing the solar panel system
  • Application of appropriate technology and safety equipment during installation
  • Facilitating the provision of a Solar Renewable Energy Credit Certificate
  • Providing assistance with the processing of rebates and credits
  • Servicing and maintenance after-installation

Incentives provided for solar panel installation

Government and state authorities normally provide incentives that encourage people to install solar panel systems. Some examples of these incentives are the Solar rebates, Net Metering, and the Feed-in Tariff. These incentives normally allow the owners of solar panel systems to sell their excess power to the utility companies that provide them with grid electricity. Upon sale, the owners can get some cash or credit back.

A professional Solar company in New Jersey can help by advising their clients about these incentives and facilitating application for them. For example, they can help with the application for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). By using this incentive, you can save 30% on federal tax credit.

Custom designing your solar panel power system

Every home or office has its own energy needs. Therefore, a one-size fits all solar panel system is not applicable. Therefore, installation companies normally perform an audit to find out how much electrical power you use on a daily or monthly basis. Having found out, they present the results to you. By using this information, you can decide if you want a purely solar or a hybrid electricity system. When you pick your preference, they proceed to design a solar panel system for you.


The sun is an infinite source of energy. This is both heat and light. The light can be harnessed and used as electricity. This is done using solar panels. There are companies that specialize in providing this service. Their assessment and installation processes are indicated above.