Go Now Doctors Buying Before the Impending Expansion?


The healthcare proprietor and the Greek business tycoon, John Papajohn normally owns the 10% of the American Caresource Holding Inc has purchased an additional 5,383 shares last 20th of June 2016.  The start of the insider buying was first reported during the early part of April 2016 and has reached a total of 32,509 shares last June 21, 2016.  This Insider buying was officially reported by the American Caresource Holding Inc. last June 23, 2016, on the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission).  Each shares of Go Now Doctors cost at around $0.19 which amount to at least $5, 963.56 as reported by the company in the Form 4 of the SEC.

Go Now Doctors (NASDAQ:  GNOW)

As of today, the Chairman of the American Caresource Holding Inc has the total share of over 5 million shares  in the company.  Go Now Doctors is on  the road to becoming a more recognized  public-traded urgent healthcare company.  By already establishing the model of the business, an immense expansion is set to take place that is set to expand the revenue of the company at more than $20 million in the year 2016.  Urgent care is one of the most rapid growing sections in the US medical industry.  With the increasing wait times at the emergency and the primary health care providers, this urgent healthcare is an alternative to the patients that is more affordable.

Operating and Managing Urgent Care Facilities

Go Now Doctors is involved in two lines of business; the primary and urgent care and the subsidiary company network business.  They are operating and managing their own healthcare facilities that offer a myriad of services for the non-life-threatening health condition.  These two ventures in business are assisted by the shared service utilities of the American Caresource Holding Inc.  The function of their shared service utility is for the advancement and the management of the primary and urgent care, but it also offers oversight on the subsidiary network that is directed by HealthSmart.  The subsidiary business network provides strategies that will mitigate the cost by using a national network of the subsidiary of the urgent healthcare services.

Time is Money and Health is Wealth

With their convenient policy and minimal wait time combined with the affordable cost where the average cost plays only around $150, a number of Americans are now turning to these urgent healthcare providers such as Go Now Doctors.  Compared to the emergency health provider that the price can start from $1,000 and can exponentially increase to $2,000; the urgent healthcare is indeed a more favorable choice.  During  2016, Go Now Doctors is set to add up to 15 centers that will expand the scope of the urgent healthcare provider.  With the expansion, and the  latest acquisition and development of new facilities, the company is projected to gain an average of at least $1.2 annually.