The Future of Technology for 2017 and Beyond


Technology is improving and advancing by leaps and bounds, and this has become particularly evident throughout the last few years. What is more, this seems to have a definitive impact on all industries, which is definitely beneficial. However, taking a look at the future of technology reveals even more interesting things which are yet to be developed. Below are a few interesting ideas that could reshape whole concepts.


Put off Fire with Sound

Forest fires are certainly significant issues. Putting them off, however, is a lot more complicated than some people tend to believe. What is more, in order to put off a significant forest fire, professionals usually using up a huge resource of water, which is definitely inadvisable and not as effective? Forest fires could one day be actually handled with flying drones which would direct loud noises to the trees which are below them. The idea is that sound is made out of pressure waves, and it could be used to actively and quickly disrupt the air which surrounds the fire and cut off the supply of oxygen.


Alcohol Analyzing Vehicles

Driving under the influence of alcohol is without a doubt one of the most common causes for car accidents on the road. With this in mind, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has already developed certain devices which could be used to monitor the levels of alcohol in the driver by sniffing his breath or actually scanning the blood at the top of their fingertips through the steering wheel. With this in mind, if these levels turn out to be particularly high, the system is going to immobilize the vehicle.


Floating Farms

Now, there is a prediction by the UN that people on Earth will increase with two more billion by 2050. This is going to create a huge demand for food which is estimated to be about 70% more than what it is right now. Also, by that time, about 80% of people will be living in the cities, and the food that comes in the urban areas is likely to be brought in.

That’s why farms which are on inland lakes or moored on the sea are going to cut back food miles considerably. A new design brought by Javier Ponce of the Forward Thinking Architecture convention depicts new and particularly futuristic designs of 24m-tall farms which are equipped with solar panels so that they could be self-sustained.

In any case, it’s obvious that future technology is going to revolutionize different industries. These innovations, however, are going to be required instead of stumbled upon as there are quite a lot of things which have to be taken into account.