Fast-paced demos of cutting-edge fintech

70+ innovative fintech companies will have just 7 minutes to demo their latest solutions live. No slides or video are allowed! Our competitive application process means only truly innovative companies will be on stage. With the amount of noise in the space, staying up to date on fintech innovation has never been more challenging.

     1600+ attendees. 70+ companies demoing Countless opportunities

                                 At Finovate we only show you the companies you really need to see

Finovate events showcase cutting-edge banking, financial and payments technology in a unique, short-form, demo format. Plus, new for this year, an expanded program with 100+ financial service experts providing dialogue and debate.

                                Connect personally with innovators

Why attend Finovate

  • Fast-paced. Forget about rambling 57-minute panel discussions that leave you more confused than

when they started. Finovate speakers are on the clock to deliver live demos or actionable insights

building on the classic 7-minute time frame.

  • Curated. Your time is valuable, and we won’t waste a minute of it. Demos are hand-selected for

maximum impact on your business, today and in the future. Discussion sessions are divided into

specific tracks so you know exactly where to find the ideas most relevant to you and your company.

  • Peer-driven. While it’s great to hear from the tech companies driving development in every corner of

the fintech world, it’s just as important to connect with peers implementing new technology. That’s why

we are putting more than 100 of the most accomplished bankers, brokers, investors and other tech

standouts on stage.

  • Pundit-powered. Ever wish you could sit down with a famous fintech founder for coffee and find out

how they got their billion-dollar ideas? And more importantly, what’s just around the corner? Grab your

java and come listen to fintech luminaries break down the future of fintech.

  • Neural networking. Everyone knows the most powerful part of every event is who you meet, or more

importantly, who you might work with down the road. Finovate puts you in the driver’s seat of both

your conference and post-conference experience with state-of-the-art networking tools and resources.

  • Crowdsourced. It’s your event every step of the way. You decide who wins Best of Show, you choose

which questions rise to the top for on-stage Q&A, and you decide the final agenda.

  • Fresh research. Technology for the sake of technology won’t cut it anymore. You need solid numbers to

make the case back at the office. At Finovate, you won’t go back disappointed. We’re sending you home

with a hard-drive full of supporting research results and insightful data. Don’t head home after the last

demo Tuesday. Stick around for two days of business-altering dialogue, discussion and decision-making

about the new technology showcased at Finovate. And it’s all included at no ex


                  Come to The Finovate Event to learn the Future of Finance