India is a country with a wide range of attractions. Therefore, it is a popular tourist destination. People from near and far visit this country so as to sample its culture, cuisine as well as natural flora and fauna. The only deterrent to visiting this country is the weather. From June to September, the country experiences a monsoon. This season is characterized by heavy rain and high temperatures. As such, many people do not like to visit the country during this time. However, upon a closer look, it is actually a good time to visit the country. Here are some of the attractions you can visit during this time.

Places to visit during the monsoon

The hills of India and countryside locations are some of the places you can visit during this season. They have features such as mountains you can hike. There are also some waterfalls which you can go and explore. Some examples of these areas include Thekkady, Wayanad and Munnar. In Goa area, you can visit the Dudhsagar Waterfall.

During the monsoon season, the cities become very hot. They also flood up due to unsatisfactory drainage networks. As such, tourists stream out and visit the countryside. A location to see is Ooty in Tamil Nadu. You can also tour the tea plantations in Munnar. This location is situated in the Western Ghats. There is tropical mountain climate there, which is cooler and less rainy during this season.

Locations which do not have any rain during the monsoon

There are areas in India which do not get any rain at all during this season. They include:

1. Ladakh

2. Thar Desert


Ladakh is located in the mountains. This Indian state gives tourists good views. There are also some spots where you can go hiking. In this state, the precipitation only comes in form of snow. As such, the locals refer to it as a “Cold Desert”.

Thar Desert

This is another location which does not have any rain during the monsoon season. It is situated in the state of Rajasthan. Thus, you can visit the place and get an eyeful of village landscapes. While there, you can stay in some heritage hotels and boutique establishments. They do not charge high prices for accommodation during the monsoon. Hence, it is the BEST TIME TO VISIT INDIA.

Items that you should pack on your trip to India

For you to experience this country in a satisfactory way, you should pack specific items. You should travel with a PacSafe. This is a mesh bag which can hold your backpacks and protect them from burglars. The PacSafe can be attached to a permanent structure such as a heat pipe or a bed. A power surge protector is another item which you should pack when visiting India. It protects your electronics from getting fried by surges. You should also carry a combination lock when visiting India. It is important for locking your door or securing your belongings as you travel.


There are areas in India which do not experience heavy showers in the monsoon. You can visit them and have a satisfying experience.