Cosmetic Surgery and The Economy

The number of people opting to have cosmetic surgery in the UK is now at its lowest point in over a decade. So much so that The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons confirmed that there was a drop of nearly 40% in the number of procedures that were carried out in 2016. More and more people are opting to get treatment abroad. For example, breast enhancement London can cost up to 5x more than breast enhancement procedures available in Turkey. But why else are fewer people in the UK having cosmetic surgery?

Having cosmetic surgery is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be rushed into. Fewer people in the UK are having cosmetic surgery because they realize that it a serious commitment and not a quick fix. In fact, more than two thirds of Britons regret having cosmetic surgery and wish they had considered the risks beforehand because going under the knife isn’t guaranteed to pay off. Others are opting for less expensive procedures that don’t involve surgery, including Botox, cheek fillers and brow thread lifts.

Becoming More Image Conscious

Despite society increasingly becoming more image-conscious than ever, we can thank social media, including the likes of Instagram, for the drop of cosmetic surgery procedures carried out this year alone. Although social media is commonly slammed for reducing the self-esteem of young people due to the unavoidable pressure it puts on teenagers, it has enabled us to see the outcome of procedures and the effects it can have on the likes of stars and celebrities. Celebrities who were once famous for undergoing extensive cosmetic surgery now have to undergo reverse operations to reduce the effects of having surgery in the first place.

Less Disposable Income

For a lot of people, plastic surgery isn’t an option they can afford. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the amount of people who work zero-hour contracts, of which 910,000 work irregular hours. Due to the cost of living in the UK increasing whilst wages are decreasing, people have less disposable income to do as they wish with and are required to work longer hours to be able to comfortably support themselves.

Look Like an Athlete

The fashion industry has just as much influence on people’s buying habits as well as what they see online. Trends change more often than not and recently there has been an unmistakable focus on athletic body types. Could this be responsible for the reduced demand in cosmetic surgery?

Due to the expense of cosmetic surgery in the UK, some have opted to seek an alternative practise abroad to receive the same treatment for less. So although the number of procedures has declined in the UK, there is still a demand for cosmetic surgery elsewhere since the availability internationally certified surgeons remains wide.

The lack of people in the UK Having Cosmetic Surgery is not predicted to last. It’s said to be only temporary since the demand for more affordable cosmetic and beauty treatments such as tanning and teeth whitening have increased. But, cosmetic surgery is still seen as being just as desirable as it once was – particularly on reality TV shows – so we can expect a rise in cosmetic surgery in the near future.