Facebook Looks to the Future and a Big Money Maker

Over the years, some companies have slipped into the past and have been largely forgotten. In order to thrive in today’s world, it is absolutely pertinent for businesses to remain innovative. This is one of the main reasons that Facebook continues to excel. The company continues to push the boundaries, while unveiling new technology almost monthly. The social media network has made big news over the past few months for their on-going battle against fake news websites. The company has also taken steps to ensure affordable housing remains available near the Silicon Valley area.

And of course, during their free time, Facebook developers continue to roll-out new features to their users. Facebook has managed to push their mobile ad sales higher and higher during the past few quarters. They’ll look to push the figures up even higher by implementing an innovative HTML5-based video gaming solution. The new feature, which is called Instant Games, has already been launched in 30 countries and it aims to let Facebook users play their favorite games without jumping through any hoops. The Instant Games feature is accessible through Facebook and it works fluidly on computers and mobile devices.

Associated Icons

When Facebook users see the associated icon, they’ll be able to give it a click or push. Moments later, they’ll be able to play classic games directly in their browser or through the Facebook Messenger mobile app. At this point in time, the feature is only available as a closed beta and therefore is only accessible to certain developers. Also, around 17 games are currently compatible with the setup. The current games fall into the casual genres and include Space Invaders and Pac-Man. Nonetheless, it is almost certain that new games will be added as the feature starts to catch on with users.

Instant Games

It is believed that certain companies, such as Zynga, Crazy Winners, and Activision are currently working on games that will work with Instant Games. In fact, a 10-million-dollar fund has already been created to finance the feature. These companies and Mark Zuckerberg sincerely believe Instant Games can be profitable for all involved. It was revealed earlier this year that the average Facebook user spends approximately 50 minutes per day on the social network. And, an analytics firm suggested that fifteen percent of all smartphone usage can be contributed directly to gaming. Suffice to say, there is a big market for Instant Games and the companies that decide to use to platform.

Staying Ahead of the Game

And of course, the arrangement could prove to be beneficial for all parties involved. Facebook will be able to obtain a cut of the profits made on the games, while developers will be able to reach more gamers than ever before. The feature could also encourage Facebook users to spend even more time with the social network. Facebook launched the Gameroom platform sometime last month.  The Windows application has substantial competition from Valve and other similar companies. If Facebook can push Instant Games into the spotlight, they may be able to do the same with Gameroom. For gamers, the added competition is truly a win-win situation!