Understanding and Examining Stocks

If you happen to invest in stocks, you’ve likely been thrilled by the moves markets have made over the past few years. In fact, if you played your cards right in the first place, you’ve likely earned quite a bit of money on your investments. It is time to begin selling or could stocks continue their upward climb? Although it is nearly impossible to predict the markets, there are some telltale signs, which can help you better forecast upcoming moves. Below, you’ll look at some of the market’s top stocks and how they’ll play out over the coming weeks.

Are you an Apple Investor?

If you happen to be an investor in Apple Inc., you probably have a massive smile on your face right now. Over the past three months, analysts have ridden the company pretty hard, while insisting the company’s profits would hit rock bottom, due to the decrease in smartphone sales. Thanks to a more affordable smartphone, the company has managed to quiet the naysayers. At this point, you don’t need to watch the binary option trading explainer video to know that Apple’s stock will continue to climb in the coming days. How about its performance over the next few weeks?

Well, Apple has several big product releases on the horizon. This includes a new iPhone and a brand new iPad. If these products happen to be successes, which many analysts believe they will be, the company’s stock will undoubtedly continue to soar. While the mass majority of stocks have climbed over the past few weeks, a handful of industries have been hit hard. And nobody has been hit harder than the oil producers. Crude oil prices did manage to recover somewhat since the beginning of the year, but it seems as if they’re facing a downturn over the coming weeks.

What is the Future for Oil

Oil futures have already dropped, as investors grow concerned over the growing supply of crude oil within the United States. As the supply continued to build, it is almost certain prices will remain low. If you’re interested in buying into an oil producer, it may be best to wait until they bottom out. Nonetheless, oil prices are not expected to remain low forever. Most analysts expect oil prices to climb to around $55 or $60 by the end of the year.

Is Facebook a Worldwide Company

If you happen to be a fan of social media stocks, you’ll definitely want to pay close attention to the upcoming earnings report from Facebook. The company will be announcing their results at the end of the markets close on Wednesday. Facebook surprised everyone by bringing in massive revenues for the previous quarter and many analysts believe they’ll be able to do the same for this quarter. If you haven’t bought into the company’s stock, it may be a good idea to consider shorting it for the time being.

If Facebook does manage to beat earnings, you can guarantee their stock will soar once again and it may very well reach new heights. How high the stock can climb is anyone’s guess, but some may want to consider opting out as soon as it hits its peak.