Eternity Healthcare, Inc. (ETAH)

Eternity Healthcare is the leader in developing and commercialization of medical devices. They are currently focusing on a needle-free injection device and pain treatment device.

They are leaders providing delivery technologies for Insulin, HCG, HGH, Vitamin B12, Vaccines, Anesthetics, Migraine medication and Steroids. They provide a soft injection system that avoids the use of needles for the delivery of all sorts of inject able medications including cancer medication. It is a universal injection system that can deliver medication painlessly and conveniently in booth pediatrics and adults.

About Eternity Healthcare Products

Eternity’s two leading devices are: The Lenis Needle-Free Injection Device, a compact spring loaded pneumatic needle-free hypodermic injection system; and The OMNI rechargeable hand-held treatment device that delivers low-intensity laser simultaneously with a low-frequency electric pulse that provides stimulation treatments

Eternity Healthcare is a medical device company based in Canada that specializes in healthcare. They are successful in discovering, developing and marketing new medical devices. They are a publicly traded company on the Over-The-Counter (OTC) market. The Company is the leader in medical technologies with its advanced medical devices, including diagnostic kits, digital cholesterol readers, injection free needles and more.

Eternity Healthcare’s products are sold worldwide. The products are all manufactured under very strict compliant with ISO 9001:2000 and NF EN ISO 13485:2003 procedures, with a special emphasis on quality control at each and every phase of production. All of their products have received the regulatory approval by health authorities in numerous countries and regions throughout the world.

LENIS Needle-Free Injection Device

Eternity Healthcare developed a the LENIS device with the capabilities of injecting medicine without the use of a needle. The device can administer over 95% of the medicine into the body without ever having to prick the skin with a needle. The device is ideal for people with skin diseases, diabetic patients who inject insulin, kids and other people with fears of needles.

The needle free injection device is trade-marked as ‘Comfort-in’ and is currently available for purchase through the Company’s website and selective wholesalers. Comfort-in’s application areas include: Diabetes, Pediatric Oncology, Multiple sclerosis, Human growth hormone, Anesthetics, Vaccine, cardiovascular diseases, and Migraine.

Eternity Healthcare also provides delivery technologies for vaccines, insulin, steroids,  hCG, hGH, Vit B12, anaesthetics, migraine medication and more.

OMNI Hand-Held Pain Treatment Device

Eternity Healthcare Inc. new line of products; “OMNI TM” is a rechargeable digital hand-held pain treatment device that delivers a low intensity laser simultaneously with a low frequency electric pulse that provides stimulation treatments to effectively relieve muscle pain (analgesic effects), alleviate muscle spasm, improve microcirculation, and enhance immunity functions. The device is designed to be portable and can be used conveniently anywhere. The OMNITMis easy to operate with an easy grip and streamline appearance, suitable for in home use and by professionals.


Company Overview

Wall-Street lists Eternity Healthcare Inc, as a STRONG BUY. It is a company with a promising future; this is because of their innovative products that have useful application throughout the whole healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is one of the most fastest growing and biggest industries in the world, so certainly Eternity Healthcare’s product line holds its value. The company is expected to grow throughout 2020 and beyond.


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