Traveling Abroad


Traveling for business can be stressful, but it can be especially difficult when traveling abroad and through countries in Europe that you may not be very familiar with. Being away from your usual community and resources can cause a number of organisational issues, but with forward-planning and the right packing list, you can escape the pitfalls of travelling and focus, first and foremost, on your work.

Travel documents

These include your passport, travel reservations and tickets, and accommodation booking details. The easiest way to manage multiple documents is to store them in the front compartment of your travel bag, in a waterproof and easily accessible folder. That way, you won’t waste time that’s meant to be spent on business worrying about checking in or catching your next train.


Travel insurance and a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)


After your travel documents, the two most important things you need to take with you are proof of a travel insurance policy, and – if you’re a member of the EU – you can apply for a EHIC at The card will allow you to take advantage of state-provided healthcare throughout the EU, sometimes free of charge and sometimes at a discounted rate. If the worst happens and you fall ill or have an accident while you’re away, you’ll certainly be glad you have it with you.

Electrical Adaptors

If you’re on a business trip, the last thing you need is to run out of power and be unable to complete important documents or answer emails. Universal adaptors are vital to keep your devices fully charged between destinations and in the office. If you have more than one device – tablet, phone, or laptop – then it’s sensible to bring more than one adaptor with you, so you can charge multiple workstations at once and stay fully in touch with your work.

A briefcase or travel bag

Choose a sturdy briefcase or a lightweight, waterproof travel bag to carry your work materials and itinerary in. This bag should remain with you at all times as carry-on luggage, and contain all of your papers and other work resources packed in an easily accessible, and well-organised system. With everything set out just so, it should be easy to avoid any missed connections, surprise meetings, or simple forgetfulness, and allow you to focus on your work.


Finally, if you’re travelling to multiple countries and perhaps even crossing different time zones on a tight schedule, it is vital to make sure your energy levels are maintained. Noise-cancelling earplugs will help you to block out the hum of the aeroplane, the roar of the train tracks, or the simple hustle and bustle outside your hotel window, and ultimately help you to get some much needed rest.

Most importantly, on your business trip to Europe, make sure that you have the appropriate safety nets in place should you become ill, and enough forward-planning and organisation to make it a worthwhile journey.