Sure to Effect Future Markets in Stock:

Non-Military Auto-Pilot Drones Finding Start Up Peace Time Missions

The FAA is opening air space for commercial activities related to UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as drones. This will heavily effect markets in stock as the drone market is seeing the global UAV market at about $15 Billion per year, growth up to $20 Billion annually by 2020.

The small cap stock sector is taking notice as drones, which range in cost from $2,000 per unit, to be used by farmers, up to $160,000 for military style devices equipped with infrared cameras, sensors and technology piloted from the ground.

Agriculture will claim 80 percent of the commercial market for drones. In just ten years, every farm will be using them for assessing water problems, issues with insects, observing roaming herds and stock, advanced monitoring of crop yields, which will save farmers time and money. Currently much of this data is obtained through satellite monitors.

Once the Federal Aviation Association establishes guidelines, it will open 100,000 jobs in the UAV industry.

Aljazeera America released a news story, May 16, 2014 from the crowded convention floors of military and non-military drones. Visitors from all over the world were present at the displays.
Now that military drones will be returning home to the U.S. with the troops, military manufacturers are reducing prices for drone components.

Civilian manufacturers are displaying drones for non-military purposes that range in size from computerized helicopters that fit in the palm of the hand to unmanned aircraft size planes, now on the market.

Startup competition is fantastic, growing in markets in stock presence, with over 50 companies alone with designs of drones with 10-foot wings spans, now that prices for components are dropping.


Phil Ellerbroek, director of sales at RoboFlight said the firm is set to post “triple-digit growth in drone sales and hardware in 2014”.

NASDAC: AVAV – AeroVironment, INC., Monrovia, CA, engages in design, development, production and support of UAV’s. Revenue reached $325 million in 2012, market cap now $503 million. 52-week trading ranged $21.14 – $34.28.

NASDAC: NTSC – National Technical Systems, Calabasas, CA, leading provider of engineering and testing services, offering end-to-end service for UAV in North America. Market cap approximately $81 million, 52-week trading from $4.02 – present at $7.++.

NASDAC: ASTC – Astrotech Corp., Austin, TX, provides support for UAV launch vehicles. Leads in provision of commercial aerospace services, (30 years). A first space commercial company. Market cap approximately $21 million. 52-week trading range $0.50 – $1.34.

Keep your eye on the following markets in stock: NYSE symbols: DCO, CVU and ORB.