Looking Ahead to Donald Trump’s Presidency


To make America great again – this is what Donald Trump promised during his campaign trail. Obviously, people believed what he said, which is why he won the elections. What exactly can Americans expect under his presidency? Keep on reading, and we’ll take a quick look at some of the policies that will most likely be apparent during his term.

Healthcare Policies

Based on the initial press releases of his team, it is anticipated that Trump will be repealing The Affordable Care Act. Obamacare, according to Trump, was unsuccessful which is why he has no plans of having it continued. Rather, his policies will be focused on the creation of a healthcare system that is patient-centered. Emphasis will be on quality and affordability, making sure that all Americans will be appropriately covered.

Foreign Policies

During the campaign. Trump has made several threats about cutting different treaties with other countries, which will include Trans-Pacific Partnership and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with Europe. As a businessman, Trump may have an edge when it comes to his policies for doing foreign business, but still, many are skeptic about the possible drawbacks of his would-be decisions.

Economic Policies

The vision of Trump is to create more than 25 million new jobs in the next ten years. This will be one of the factors that will be emphasized in his economic agenda once he assumes presidency. In addition, through the new policies that will be created, he aims to boost economic growth rate by as much as 4%. It is also anticipated that the spending of the government will escalate while taxes can be potentially cut.

Climate Change Policies

This is one of the facets at which Trump has been very vocal about during the campaign and is also one of the reasons why he was met with opposition from many people. He believes that climate change is fictional, which is why he does not plan to support any initiative towards such. In fact, he expressed that he will be withdrawing from the Paris climate deal and that the United States will no longer provide financial assistance for any efforts directed towards addressing climate change.

Immigration Policies

Trump has also been controversial around the world because of his fierce stand on immigration. His reform agenda involves getting rid of the many people who are staying illegally in the United States. This is part of his plan of making Americans reap what they deserve from their own country. In the campaign, he also noted that he is going to build a physical wall that will make clear the boundary of the U.S. with Mexico. It is also expected that there will be ban on migration from countries that have been linked to terrorism.

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