Cricket  A Sport Attracting a lot of Attention


Source The United States of America Cricket Association (USACA), headquartered  in  Miami Beach Florida  is the national governing body for all cricket in the United States. The board was formed in 1965.

It seems as if sometime last year, probably in late spring, it came to the conclusion that the problem with American cricket was that it was run by Americans. Can Americans run the game here in the good old USA, who Knows for sure.  But Cricket is back in a big way. It set out to correct this intolerable situation with a CEO selected from a reliable Test nation and an ICC-funded governance model. Of  course, we now know that this plan has been beaten back by the recalcitrant old guard at USACA, and that no serious changes in leadership are seen to be forthcoming after all.  The failure of such a wonderful plan must have been met with much consternation in Dubai (especially after so much money has been spent on it), but I’m writing today to say that there is good news in America, if the folks at the ICC would only care to look.

Every day, the American Cricket Federation demonstrates that Americans can run American cricket, and run it quite well, thank you very much. Here’s what  we found out at editorial  department.  USACA is a affiliate member of the International Cricket Council. USACA was suspended on 26 June 2015 from the ICC because of long term governance and financial problems

n 1965 John Marder started the United States of America Cricket Association. The United States of American Cricket Association was admitted as an associate member of the International Cricket Conference in 1965. This was the same group that had been so integral in keeping the United States out of international cricket when formed in 1909. The United States was also able to participate in the  when the tournament started in 1979. They have been successful and have continued to improve. Unfortunately, the administration of the USACA has proved unable to administer the sport in the United States effectively. This has led to suspensions from tournaments and ineligibilities.

The USACA announced in July 2009 it was inviting proposals from prospective sponsors, broadcasters and game development partners to help it launch the American Premier League, an Indian Premier League style Twenty20 league tournament.

The board announced in December 2010 it had signed a $10 million deal with New Zealand Cricket and several strategic investors are stakeholders, creating a new body called Cricket Holdings America to manage all commercial rights for cricket in USA, including Twenty20 rights, in perpetuity

In January 2011, USACA was awarded the top prize in the Junior Participation Initiative category by the ICC America’s region in the 2010 Pepsi ICC Development Programed   Awards for the United States Youth Cricket Association’s Schools Program.


No Matches Played in 2010


No American Premier League matches were played in 2010, and in April 2011 no further matches had  been announced. So why not? In 2011, American Twenty20 Championship is an American Twenty20 cricket tournament aimed at grooming American cricket players for international events and to spread interest in American Cricket.Its first season was only a 3-day affair as the tournament was played in New Jersey and was eventually won by the Atlantic Division. The tournament is supported by the United States of America Cricket Association, the national federation of cricket in the US. After not being held in 2012 and 2013, the USACA announced that the tournament would be played in 2014.In May 2014, the city of Indianapolis, Indiana has terminated its agreement to host the relaunch of the USA Cricket Association National Championships which were due to be held from August in the brand new, $6 million Indianapolis World Sports Park facility. So things had to change and here’s how.


USA Cricket Moves to Florida


In June 2014, USA Cricket Association announced that this year’s USACA National Championship will now be moved to Lauderhill, Florida following the termination of a three-year hosting agreement by the city of Indianapolis. So now, look to the future of Cricket in Florida, as the “Game Goes On”.  Now the attention has turned to the youth, and rightfully so.  There is a Bright Future for those who love the Game, and know how to promote it


Youth Cricket Introduced to Kids in the USA


Cricket Let’s Play USA is new, introductory kids program that hopes to underpin cricket activity across the US. CLPUSA introduces American children to cricket in a fun environment while addressing FUNdamental movement skills that are part of most elementary school curriculum.

CLPUSA hopes to provide US cricket’s strong volunteer network with a program that engages girls and boys, teachers and parents and fosters great passion for cricket, hoping to create a lifelong involvement with the game.

The program will introduce more kids aged 6 – 13 to cricket and maintain their involvement with the game and carry this through into junior teams, academies and leagues to create more long-term cricketers across the US.

Over the coming month USACA will release some resources that will help cricket’s valuable stakeholders to implement the CLPUSA program.



The program includes a targeted ‘pilot’ in Florida and New York initially, but support and assistance is available nationwide. USACA seeks to have a regional staff member supporting volunteers around the country to implement this program. As such, we are calling on willing volunteer coaches / facilitators to become involved and implement a schools based program in your Region.

For more information about the program, please call the USACA office on (561) 839 1888 or visit:
What is CLPUSA?