Donald Trump’s Presidential Cabinet Members


The Cabinet for Donald trump is yet to take shape as the confirmation hearings will be continuing in this week. While some have already been appointed and two cabinet nominees were last week confirmed, others are yet to know where they stand. The two were confirmed a few hours after the 45th president of the States was sworn in.


Those Already Appointed in the Cabinet

Reince Priebus has already been appointed as the White House Chief of Staff and will be leaving his job as the chairman of the Republican National Committee. Stephen K. Bannon is the Chief Strategist who will be working with Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner, the son in law to Trump, is the Senior Adviser to the president While Carl Icahn a renowned investor has been appointed as the Special Adviser on Regulatory Reform.


Some of the Senate Hearing Dates have been Set

The schedules have been set with the nominated labor secretary Andrew F. Puzder expected on February 2, 2017, while Tom Price for health and human Services, Linda McHanon for Small business Administration and Mick Mulvaney the Director of the Office of Management and Budget are set for January 24, 2017.  James N. Mattis was confirmed, and John F. Kelly has already been confirmed as the Secretary for Defense and Homeland Security respectively.

The senate hearing for Jeff Sessions who is expected to be the Attorney General, Elanie L. Chao who should be the Transportation Secretary and Rex W. Tillerson who should be the Secretary of State already happened on January 17. Ms. Chao has for long been in politics, and she will be in charge of transportation infrastructure revamping after being under former president, George W. Bush as the labor secretary.

Ben Carson who is a popular former neurosurgeon attended his hearing on January 12, for the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. According to him, he is highly focused in fighting poverty. Mike Pompeo, a former Army officer, was heard on January 12, for the C.I.A Director position.


Senate Hearing Dates That are yet to be Set

Those that are yet to know their dates of senate hearing include; Robert Lighthizer for U.S Trade Representative, Sonny Perdue for Agriculture Secretary and David J. Shulkin for Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The ideal candidate for Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers is yet to be chosen.



After his inauguration on January 20, 2017, Donald Trump who is the president of the United States of America is ready for the job. In his cabinet, it is not necessarily that you have government experience as he is focusing with those in businesses such as Carl Icahn, a renowned billionaire investor. The total government positions that should be filled are 4,000.