Supercell Mobile Gaming Development


The Chinese internet Giant, Tencent, bought Japan’s Softbank stake in the Finnish company, Supercell, which is valued at over $10.2 Billion.

This deal is the second largest gaming transaction in Chinese history only behind Chongqing New Century Cruise acquiring Giant Interactive for $9.1 Billion. Tencent will now hold the majority stake of Supercell at eighty four percent and the Finnish game maker employees will continue to own the rest.

Supercell is the creator of the mobile app Clash of Clans which made profited them over nine hundred and twenty million dollars last year. The founder of Supercell, Ilkka Paanaen, stated that this partnership would propel them into China’s gaming industry where Tencent control large portions of their internet portals.


Supercell to Grow

With Tencent investing in Supercell it creates a whole new marketplace for them where they once focused only domestically because of the over saturation of the mobile gaming industry. China has the most gamers than any other country and with Tencent controlling the majority of these online and mobile portals in China, which reach over a billion gamers daily, Supercell now has global reach to expand.


Supercell Owner Opens up

Supercell owner Ilkka opens up online with a statement claiming that an agreement with Tencent allows them to continue to operate independently and their headquarters will remain in Helsinki where their unique small culture will remain unchanged.


Tencent Internet Giant

Tencent is valued at over two hundred and seven billion dollars and is the largest international leader in internet, social networking and online entertainment provider to hundreds of millions of users. Tencent is also the largest video game company in the world in terms of revenue.

Tencent has three hundred million organic users playing and interacting on their platforms each and every day. Opening up their QQ and WeChat online portals to Supercell will propel them into the future of online and mobile gaming prestige and have a strong hold on the gaming industry.


Mobile Gaming Gurus

Supercell created four of the most played mobile apps with more than one hundred million players each day. Their mobile apps Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach and Clash Royale earned them revenues  in two thousand and fifteen over two and a half billion dollars which was up over sixty four percent from the previous year.

With the collaboration between Tencent and Supercell there is no telling how far these gaming giants can take this. Now that Supercell has the door to the world opened up for them and they still stay true to their cultural roots, and the love to create great games for their users, this just may be a partnership of epic proportions.