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Fintech Articles Of Interest

  • How strong Dollar affects the US economy

    How strong Dollar affects the US economy

    The Relationship Between The US Dollar and US Economy   The US dollar has been bullish against all its peers globally since the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America in November 2016. The upward trajectory the dollar has been experiencing has not been reversed since the beginning […]Read More »
  • Robots Advance In Banking

    Robots Advance In Banking

    Stock Trading  Robots Robotics, designed by artificial-intelligence and machine-learning, is demonstrating to become a game-changer that could bring exclusive efficiencies operational to the financial-services- industry. Investment into robotics increased by 116% in 2016 Robotics process automation may bring time which is notable cost efficiency improve productivity and operational improvements to financial institutions the use of […]Read More »
  • Exemplar


    Exemplar is a novel economy professional service provider that serves high-growth, mid-market companies and specializes in providing them all the support related to Law, Business, and Capital. Exemplar offers all the economic, professional, and all other sorts of help and makes it easy for companies to grow and flourish. Here’s an account of the services […]Read More »
  • Biggest Wall Street Scams of All Time

    Biggest Wall Street Scams of All Time

    Be Aware of These Wall Street Scams During the history of Wall Street, there have been crooks and con artists who have broken the rules to make money. These people have left regulators scrambling to try to close any loopholes and correct grey areas in all the regulations to prevent copycats in the future. There […]Read More »


                                                THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO STAY AHEAD ON FINTECH  1400+ attendees. 70+ companies demoing. 120+ expert speakers. Countless opportunities. See cutting-edge banking, financial and payments technology in a unique, short-form, demo format. Plus […]Read More »
  • 10 Profitable Investments You’ve Never Heard Of

    10 Profitable Investments You’ve Never Heard Of

    There are a lot of proven techniques to make money out of your investments. Peer to peer lending is one of the investments that are becoming more popular. The good thing about this investment is that you really don’t have to do anything other than to just lend your money. There is a middle man […]Read More »
  • What is Net Neutrality

    What is Net Neutrality

    Gathering And Sharing Information On The Internet Globally The internet has fast evolved to represent a new extension of our connected world. Today, we are ever more closely connected internationally. Such interconnectedness now enables individuals to bring a unique beauty that makes the world more interesting through the gathering and sharing of information. Much more […]Read More »