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Fintech Articles Of Interest

  • How Beginners Prepare for Stock Market Trading

    How Beginners Prepare for Stock Market Trading

    How beginners should prepare themselves before stock  market trading Trading on the financial market can be a fascinating activity and a great way of making some money. For those with the time, commitment and knowledge, it can even become a primary method of income, netting sizeable rewards. And even if you can only commit a […]Read More »
  • Follow The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 Across America

    Follow The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 Across America

                                   See What NASA Has to Say About The Eclipse      Tips on How to Safely View the Great American Solar Eclipse During childhood, you may have heard many dreadful things about a solar eclipse ranging from the myth of […]Read More »
  • 5 Most Popular Fast Foods in India

    India is a diverse country. The entire length and breadth of our country features diverse and varied culture. This is reflected upon the various customs, languages, arts and also food. India boasts some of the most delicious foods which are the dream of every foodie. Along with the traditional foods, foreign foods are also becoming […]Read More »
  • H F T  High Frequency Trading

    H F T High Frequency Trading

    HFT (High Frequency Trading)  In different places all over the world today, people trade, buy and sell stocks with the hopes of landing on something that will allow them to enjoy steady earnings, or see profits in the near future. Technology and computers have already become a very important part of the industry of stock […]Read More »
  • Med-X Inc. Resumes Equity Crowdfunding

    Med-X Inc. Resumes Equity Crowdfunding

               Allows ordinary Americans to invest in cannabis industry   Medical cannabis-focused Med-X, Inc. has resumed its equity crowdfunding campaign through in a bid to raise $14.1 million through a minimum $420 per 700 shares. The manufacturer of non-toxic insecticide and pesticide for marijuana cultivators and publisher of The Marijuana […]Read More »


    A smart contract is a contract that executes itself, and works through the terms of agreement or contract being written into the lines of code directly. The code and the agreements in its lines exist on a decentralized blockchain network. The code carries out the contract as per the rules agreed between the involved parties, […]Read More »
  • How strong Dollar affects the US economy

    How strong Dollar affects the US economy

    The Relationship Between The US Dollar and US Economy   The US dollar has been bullish against all its peers globally since the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America in November 2016. The upward trajectory the dollar has been experiencing has not been reversed since the beginning […]Read More »