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Fintech Articles Of Interest

  • Learn More About The iFOREX Trading System

    Learn More About The iFOREX Trading System

    At iFOREX it is easy to do trading. This company has been established since 1996 and the multi-lingual web-based trading platform was launched in 2004. Since that time, it has been known as one of the most reliable and respected companies in the trading industry. The iFOREX Group, consists of many brokers from all over […]Read More »
  • Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships a Success for Stradalli Cycle

    Stradalli Cycle was the official sponsor for the Colombian National Team at Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships and everyone was pleasantly surprised by how well the week went. The event took place in Richmond, Virginia and saw a crowd of over a half a million people and over 300 million television viewers worldwide. What […]Read More »
  • Things to consider when expanding your business to Europe

    Planning to expand and move your business into a new market can be a daunting task filled with the unknown but there is also the prospect of it becoming an advantage and generating more revenue. The EU market is more open to businesses from other countries now than it ever has been. It is best […]Read More »


    Cost Cutting Drive to Continue in Most International Businesses Over the next few years, a large majority of international businesses are expected to experience a cost cutting drive in order to adjust to lower prices, increasing competition and an unpredictable economy. There are many reasons as to why international businesses are deciding to embark on […]Read More »


    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued some guidance regarding cryptocurrencies on October 9, 2019, with the release of Revenue Ruling 2019-24. Revenue Ruling addresses the hard forks and airdrops taxes. IRS has also released a draft of updated Form 1040, schedule 1, and FAQs (Further Asked Questions) on transactions of Virtual currencies. According to […]Read More »
  • Privakey : The New Definition of Cyber Security

    Privakey : The New Definition of Cyber Security

                                      PrivaKey For Better Security Understanding The Digital Identity Service The recently introduced digital identity service can let you bid goodbye to all the passwords you had for each application. Research has proven that many people have abandoned their […]Read More »
  • Outsourcing is a Big Winner the for Gee Group

    Outsourcing is a Big Winner the for Gee Group

    GEE group started back in 1893 as a set of employment offices and has now grown into a specialized staffing solutions provider after being incorporated in the state of Illinois in 1962.  What does the GEE group do?  The GEE group operates in two major segments of the staffing industry. They provide professional staffing solutions […]Read More »