Bravo Multinational Incorporated (OTCQB: BRVO)

During May of 2016, Bravo Multinational Incorporated purchased a total of 500 video poker and slot machines from “Centro De Entetenimento y Diversion Mombacho S.A. Centro De Entetenimento y Diversion Mombacho S.A”  headquarters is in Managua, Nicaragua. From May until August, Bravo Multinational Incorporated (Bravo) purchased a total of 150 of the 500 video poker and slot machines that they contracted.

All the machines that are under the contract will be managed and operated by Bravo Multinational Incorporated until 2033 since the contract is long-term. Bravo has a country-wide National License for the machines in Nicaragua. Their plan does not stop with just Nicaragua, as Bravo is planning to expand into more of Latin America in the coming years.


Bravo Multinational Slot Machines

Each of the 500 machines that Bravo has under the contract sells for $7,000 dollars. Bravo  retains $3,600 of the $7,000 for each machine. Every machine that Bravo has retains 7.5 percent of the net winnings for the machine. This is the key factor in how Bravo makes money from their machines. The 500 machines are just the start, as the goal is to have thousands of machines all around Latin America, with the same or better-retaining percent.

If you want to invest in the slot machine them, instead of Bravo, you are able to buy a slot machine from Bravo. The cost per machine is $7,000. The machine would be placed by Bravo. On average, a machine will generate around $265 a month. This is a great option for retirement income, or just extra income as after 26 to 36 months, all the money from the machine is profit.

Company Analysis

As a company, Bravo was about to generate $335,000 in sales by July 31, 2016. However, there was no significant marketing done by Game Touch. Game Touch is the segment of the Bravo that handles the retail sales of the gaming machines. Game Touch is estimated to make $3,500,000 in 2017. Since more of the video poker and slot machines are still being rolled out, the sale target could be raised higher, depending on how the rest of 2016 goes.

Bravo has a long term contract for their video poker and slot machines, as it last until the year 2033. They have also hired the RedChip Companies to help investors invest into the slot machines, or buy their own. There are also other plans that are in the works at Bravo that would see them having more contracts with more Latin American countries to continue with their video poker and slot machines plans. As these machines are become popular, investing now is a good idea.