An Alternative to the Trump Wall


The world was shocked when Donald Trump suggested that a wall be built along the border of Mexico and the United States of America. This is to limit immigrants from Mexico into the US. This was not welcomed by many including Mexico and the Border and Custom officials who prefer drones and sensors instead of the expensive wall.

Border and Custom Officials Prefer Reinforcements

There have been a virtual wall along the border for decades now, but the current president of America wants a physical wall be built. To him, Mexico should take care of the construction cost. On the other hand, this is not what Border and Custom officials want. To them, drones, cameras, sensors and 23 miles more of physical fencing are more important.

US Military Responsible for the Current Reinforcements

The virtual wall has been there since the 1970s with the electronic sensors and drones that have been in use being developed by the US military. The high-end reinforcements were used during the Nam War. Over the time this has been happening, technology of the reinforcements has been advanced.

Effective Surveillance along the Border

The reinforcements currently available have been effective in their purpose at the border, and according to the patrol team here, they are more effective than a physical wall. To detect any activities in the tunnels, the DHS which is responsible for Customs and Border Protection got wheeled robots popularly known as marcbots. Among the 3,900 items, DHS got from the U.S Defense Department, were the robots and the radar surveillance systems among other technically advanced items.

Serious Investment by CBP

Custom and Border Protection have been investing seriously on border protection. They work on an annual budget of 447 million dollars which is meant to enhance infrastructure, improve on fencing and technology. The money have been going to acquiring more unmanned aircrafts, surveillance towers with cameras, blimps from retired military and drones among other equipment. Although some immigrants still find their way illegally to the USA, the virtual wall has been of great use. These measures have brought mixed results, and the patrol team wants more invested on this rather than the much-talked wall.

It is interesting the reactions that the construction of a physical wall has brought. With these reinforcements, they are in a better position to monitor what is happening along the border rather than limiting people to climb a wall which they might find a way to do so. Experts suggest that the construction of the wall should not go on but rather Donald Trump should listen to the people on the ground. With this, the plan should be more effective.D