What career path will you take ?

Events in life often dictate the route that our career paths take and you can start to think that it is too late to change careers or too late to get to the next level in your career. Perhaps you think it is too much of a risk to quit your job and start studying again?

One of the many great things about technology these days is that you can do pretty much anything online, wherever you are in the world. It goes for studying as well. Online study is a very popular choice for people either looking to restart their career or looking to gain qualifications through a flexible program. The number of online courses has continued to grow, and you can now find an online course for pretty much any course. Take a look at Concordia University Online for an idea of the range of courses that are now available.

Discipline is a Key Ingrediant

There are some pros and cons for online study, and the onus is on the student to decide whether they would be as disciplined with their study if they are not in a classroom. If you know that you will be disciplined in studying an online course and you will have enough time to dedicate to it with your other commitments, then there are some huge benefits to online study. The majority of people who choose to do online courses do so because of the following factors:


Lower costs

 Attending a standard college or university can be hugely expensive, paying for living costs as well as fees. Many people end up paying off these debts for years to come. Online studying provides the opportunity to study from anywhere, so you don’t need to get accommodation to be close to the campus. The stress of paying bills can be very distracting and impact your ability to study, so if you need a cheaper option for study, online courses are ideal.

Keep current job

 Whether you are looking for a complete change in career or you want to get a couple of steps up your career ladder, being able to keep your current job will ensure you have a regular income. If you want to continue at the same business or in the same industry, then it is better to stay working, you may even be able to negotiate paid time off for study or reduced hours. Ask your company if they have a policy to support this kind of career development, as they may be able to help you more than you think. Some companies will even pay your fees for you.

Balance around family

Another big reason that people choose online study is to balance their studying around their family commitments. People with young children or who care for a family member need to be able to study at a time that is convenient for them. Online study is the best way to get this balance right.



Online study is becoming a great enabler in boosting careers, so maybe it is time that you think about how an online course could help you.