The biotechnology industry is growing day by day, as well as its popularity. Companies that are working in the biotechnology industry are producing drugs and diagnostic equipment for the treatment of toxic diseases. We all know that making medicine is costly and time-consuming work. So, the investors who have bought the stocks may have to wait for years to know whether the drug under development process will be successful or not in the market. According to the current situation, most biotech companies have shifted their focus towards the COVID-19 vaccine and its treatment. In this article, we are going to talk about the best biotech stocks of 2021.

GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)

GSK is a well-known company for producing vaccines and has a market value of $96.1 billion. GSK has a dividend yield of 5.3% that’s attractive. Currently, GSK is collaborating with Sanofi to make the COVID-19 vaccine which will be sold at no profit, according to the CEO, Emma Walmsley. According to UBS’s executive director, Laura Sutcliffe, “the HIV business experienced a recent flattering of US sales, but new products mean the franchise has now returned to modest growth. The launch of a new injectable should further boost the growth, and we see mid-singles digit HIV sales CAGR through 2023.” She thinks of GSK as a buying stock.

Argenx (ARGX)

Argenx is also a very famous biotech company and most popular for making drugs against autoimmune diseases and cancer. According to analyst Ahmad, when the FDA will approve the drug “efgartigimod” for myasthenia gravis, the company will transform from the development to the commercial stage in 2021. According to the Bank of America, the stock price can target $350, and one should buy it. Ahmad also says, “investors can expect updates on their potential indication for efgartigimod, including trials in treating immune thrombocytopenia and polycythemia vera.”

Fate Therapeutics

Fate Therapeutics is a biotech company that develops cell therapies from pluripotent stem cells. According to analysts, investors can look towards FATE to get an update on the program of myeloid leukemia in the second quarter of 2021. Also, they can get updates on lymphoma and myeloma in the third and fourth quarters. FATE has also collaborated with Johnson and Johnson to develop their first united product known as FT819 for solid tumors. According to the Bank of America, the stock price target will reach $115, and investors should buy it.

Apellis Pharmaceuticals

Apellis Pharmaceuticals is a well-known biotech company that is developing drugs against autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. According to the prediction of professional analysts, “FDA approval of Apellis’s lead asset pegcetacoplan in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria by its May 14 PDUFA date, but the scope of labeling is also important.” After the approval, the Apellis will transfer to the commercial stage in the second quarter of the year. According to the bank of America, Apellis’ stock price target will be $62, and it is recommended to invest.

Neurocrine Biosciences

Neurocrine is a biotech company whose pro

ducts are already on the market; Ingrezza and Ongentys for tardive dyskinesia and the treatment for Parkinson’s disease. The company earned the reported $993 million in 2020 from Ingrezza sales and $1 million from Ongentys sales. According to a prediction by analysts, the company will start a phase 3 study of Ingrezza for Hungtington’s diseases and many other new trials in 2021. According to the Bank of America, Neurocrine stock’s price target will be $128 and comes in the “buy” ratings.

These are the five most essential biotech stocks that you should buy in 2021. The biotechnology industry is growing rapidly, and with it, the opportunities for investors are also increasing. So, this list of biotech stocks will help you a lot in investing in any biotech company.