The Good and The Bad of Former President Obama


No one thought that this day would come, but the truth is that it did. Donald Trump is officially the new President of the United States of America and Barrack Obama is already out of the White House. This is why it’s important to take a look at what these last 10 years did and didn’t accomplish during the presidency of Obama.


The Best Things that Came to Light


Obama care or the Affordable Care Act could easily classify as one of the best things that happened during the presidency of Barrack Obama. Of course, certain premiums got too high, but these are things which could be repaired. On the other hand, this is a landmark achievement which managed to help millions of people throughout the entire country.

Significant recovery of the economy was also achieved. Even though this is something that a lot of us hoped would be better, we still have to admit that before Obama came into the presidency, the USA was losing an effective 600,000 jobs every single month. Obama is one of the most successful presidents in this particular regard.


The Worst Things that Took Place


Obama failed to be as tough on the banks as he had to be. Of course, there is a lot to be discussed here. There was an established leeway of significant freedom on the way that bankers behaved, especially after the anti-banker populist anger which followed in 2015-2016. The president should have made an example of at least one firm.

Syria is easily the worst thing that happened throughout his presidency. He did less in the country that he might have done probably because of the deal with Iran. Too many innocent Syrian lives were sacrificed because of that deal, and it pushed the country towards very complicated situations. Regardless of the outcome, the situation is always going to be seen as if a lot of people got slaughtered while the west did nothing while it was happening. Of course, nothing is a strong word, but it’s obvious that it could have been a lot more.

In any case, President Obama is likely to be remembered as one of the brightest Chiefs that the country has had. Maybe because of his strong and pure public relationship with the First Lady or maybe because of her own actions throughout these years – Obama is a beloved public character with his down-to-earth attitude. Of course, the fact that he’s the first black President is also of significant importance as it was an iconic moment of the development of this great nation.