5 Social Media Desktop Apps You Should Download


Social media apps allow users to easily maintain their online social presence and activities. They save users lots of time and effort because there’s no monitor everything manually. The best social media apps provide a wide range of solutions that help the user organize several accounts at the same time, and post content across various social media platforms at the same time.

The features, user interface, and layouts differ from one social media app to another. One thing they have in common is that they get the job done when it comes to managing your social media presence. Below are the best social media apps available for your desktop.




Hootsuite is the most popular social media app for desktop. A lot of people also consider it as the best. It supports various platforms that include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a lot more. It provides a wide range of dynamic features and setting that allows you to monitor your social media campaign in a single app. With the free version, you are able to schedule posts no matter when you want to. It also has the ability to monitor keywords through the built-in analytics system.




Buffer is said to be the smarter way to share on social media. And that’s why it is part of the best social media apps for desktop list. Just like Hootsuite, you can schedule content across different social media platforms. It allows you to have a consistent social media presence without having to worry about the delivery times.

The difference between Hootsuite and Buffer is that the former provides a more complete solution that lets you monitor conversations and schedule posts at the same time. On the other hand, Buffer doesn’t have a dashboard to view other people’s posts. Buffer has a better scheduling feature, which is why some people use both apps at the same time. They use Hootsuite to check on posts and Buffer to schedule posts.





Another app that allows you to update posts across different social media accounts is Sobees. It also features a search tool to find out what other people are saying about specific keywords. You can customize the layout of the client by assigning different sections to different social networking accounts.


Tweet Deck


Tweet Deck used to be one of the most powerful social media apps for desktop because it previously supported other social networks aside from Twitter. However, after Twitter acquired it, the micro blogging giant stripped away the other social networks from the app. As a result, Tweet Deck became an app to manage various Twitter accounts. It is still recommended for users who have various accounts to maintain.




If you want to automate some of your social media tasks, then you need IFTTT. It allows you to connect and automatically share on your social media channels based on an action that you have programmed on the applet. For instance, you can easily send out a tweet automatically after you have posted a new blog post. IFTTT is also compatible with both Hootsuite and Buffer.

These are the best social media apps for desktop. You can choose a single platform for your social media campaign. Or you can choose a combination of two or more to better enhance your social media management capabilities.