Entry Level Jobs for Finance Majors


If you are college finance major, or you have recently finished college, there are several potential jobs you can consider. However, you must be open to any job offer, provided it is related to your field of study since getting your ideal job will likely take some time. To help you get started on your job search, the following is a compilation of the best part-time and entry level jobs:



Every company needs an accountant, regardless of the nature of the business. That is why accounting is regarded as a very lucrative job in the financial sector. With accounting making up over 25% of total finance jobs, getting an accountant’s position is much easier for college finance majors. It is a position that requires a lot of dedication and hard work, but it will impart in your several skills like organization, time-management, communication and leadership.



A financial auditor is responsible for closely evaluating the financial statements of a company to confirm they are accurate and also point out any discrepancies. It is considered a position that requires a lot of trust and it is usually highly competitive. This will benefit finance majors who are pursuing other specialty training programs beyond their bachelor’s degree. You will develop a stronger ethical framework, better communication skills, and professional skepticism.


Administrative Assistant 

Contrary to popular beliefs, a secretary, and an administrative assistant are two very different positions. Administrative assistants have more responsibilities since the whole workplace relies on your skill in managing scheduling conflicts, communicating with clients and employees as well as addressing any office equipment issues. Technology even enables college finance majors to work remotely as virtual administrative assistants. You will learn skills like communication, networking and time management.


Residence Advisor 

Do you know that you can get a rewarding job right there in your college? As a residence advisor, your job will be to offer support, leadership and encouragement to your fellow students. It is not only a job that could end up saving you money in discounted housing or college fees, but it will also impart several helpful skills that employers today are looking for. These include skills like conflict resolution, teamwork, active listening and ability to deal with different types of situations.


Tax associate 

A tax associate assists both businesses and individuals with state and federal income tax preparation and compliance. It is a job that requires minimizing your client’s liability through using appropriate deductions and adjustments. You will need to be aware of the latest tax regulations and also have several skills like problem-solving and critical thinking.
Whether you are a college graduate, or you are looking for a career change, the jobs mentioned above offer a great starting point in your job search.


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