Biotech’s Latest Medical Advances

There are many studies carried out every year, bringing us closer to advanced medicines that will cure many of the current diseases. Among them, the constant fear of cancer has led many researches to focus in this horrible disease, in an effort to eliminate it forever. Biotech medical has already take huge steps in the future, with many devices being prepared for public use in the next few years.

Bionic Eye

It may seem like something a movie could display. However, the bionic eye has been found in Europe since 2011. Inserted into sunglasses, this device takes video signals and transmits them to implants in the retinas of people with lost vision. FDA has recently approved this new technology as well.

This technology will allow blind people regain their basic eyesight and allow them to walk on the streets or distinguish black from white.

No More Seizures

More than 850.000 epileptics suffer from sudden seizures. This condition, though not lethal can really take the control of people’s lives. The system is implanted in the brain in order to detect the first tremors of a seizure. Then it sends electrical pulses to the brain, and eventually stops the upcoming seizure. More than 40% of seizure episodes have been eliminated in the last couple of years.

Speech Controller

For all patients that have lost the ability to talk, this is the device that will change their lives. This phonetic speech engine provides the ability to talk and express yourself. This device uses electrodes to detect the signals from the brain. Patients that have already use it, start by thinking simple words until they can regain full capability.

Hepatitis Cure

Hepatitis is not a completely curable disease, contrary to common belief. Unfortunately, only 70% of patients survive from hepatitis. This new drug ‘Sofosbuvir’ can actually increase this percentage up to 95% of success in all hepatitis patients. Another disease to become a long distant memory in the years to follow.

Anesthesiologist’s Hard Work

When it comes to a surgery, the surgeon is not the only important person in the room. Anesthesiologist makes sure you are completely sedated during the procedure, without causing any damage on your brain tissue.

A new computer device has come to improve the anesthesiologist’s role. With this new software, the doctors can instantly find out if anything goes wrong, keep track of all the workflow and document all of the procedure’s steps.

Muscle Stimulator

When a person suffers from a broken bone, then rest and absence of any activity is required. This leads to a muscle atrophy that can cause additional problems to the patient, after his recovery. MyoSpare has been created from an Israeli company in order to solve this problem.

This small device uses electrical stimulators in order to exercise the muscles and keep them strong until the recovery is completed. It is battery operated, and it doesn’t require any additional tasks from the injured patient.