Most Active Mining Companies in Canada

There are a lot of natural resources to be mined in Canada. The country is home to some of the world’s biggest mining companies. As it turns out gold, silver and platinum are not the only natural resources that Canada has to offer. The largest mining company in the nation does not mine for the expected, but for other resources badly needed for animal and plant growth.

The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, Inc. has dominated the Canadian mining market with $30 billion as of last year. They are well known for producing feed, fertilizer, crop nutrients and other industrial products. The natural resource they are looking for is potash and phosphate. There may be gold in those hills, but that is not the resource of choice for this mining magnate.

Agrium, Inc. is located in Calgary. It is a major producer of agricultural products, which it sends to nations around the world. This company is mining for phosphate and sulphate in potash mines all over the country. Sporting a market cap of upwards to $14 billion, this company is a major contender in Canada’s mining industry.

Goldcorp, Inc. is your Canadian gold mining company. Headquartered in Vancouver, this mining giant mined over 2 million ounces of this grand mineral just a few years ago. At $949 an ounce they made a good deal of money. The company also mines for other valuable minerals and has mining rights in many neighboring countries as well.

The Barrick Gold Corporation is another Canadian miner of this precious mineral. In actuality, this company is the biggest producer of this mineral on the globe. Headquartered in Toronto, this former oil and gas business mined well over 6 million ounces of this valuable mineral in 2014. Lowering prices on this commodity have hurt their market share price, but they are still one of the most active mining companies in Canada.

Teck Resources, Ltd is another active mining company in Canada. They mine for a diverse selection of natural resources in over 15 mines throughout the North and South American region. They wound up with a market cap of over 5 billion just a few years ago. They mine mostly for copper and coal. In addition to these items, they also mine for germanium and indium.

There are no major silver and platinum mining companies listed here, but these are definitely the 5 most active mining companies in Canada today. Have a look at these companies, and make your own determination as to whether you would consider enhancing your portfolio with some of these exceptional mining companies. An investment in rare metals, and stable commodity metals is a strong invest for the future of preserving your capital.

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