France is a Great Place to Live and Work

France isn’t just a lovely country with amazing attractions, excellent restaurants, and fruitful wine, it’s also a country that many workers love working in, because of the benefits they get other countries don’t provide.

If you’re thinking of moving to France to work in law enforcement and to take advantage of that online CJ degree (masters in criminal justice online), have a look at some of the below reasons why you should make the move.

Cheaper Commuting Costs

If you work outside of the city or you even take advantage of public transport within the city to get to your place of work, your employer will have to contribute to travel costs. Most businesses in European countries do provide help towards purchasing a bicycle, but not many of them help towards public travel costs like French businesses do.

Shorter Working Week with Other Benefits

France changed their working week policy in the 1990s to try and combat unemployment. The working week used to consist of 40 hours but it is now 35 hours. If employees work more hours they will benefit from being able to take time off on top of their holidays, and they’ll also be paid overtime as compensation. Higher earnings, less working hours, more time off over the holidays, what’s not to love about working in France?

Food Vouchers

If a place of work doesn’t have an on-site cafeteria, employers need to mandatorily contribute to costs with food vouchers. Businesses are expected to contribute at least 50% of the total cost of vouchers so employees can eat healthy at work.

Paid Time Off for Weddings and Funerals

Other benefits in terms of paid time off for weddings and funerals are also provided. If the unthinkable happens and your child or spouse dies, you’ll have two days paid time off and, of course, more time off to grieve. If you’re getting married, you’ll also benefit from four days paid leave so you can enjoy part of your honeymoon whilst still getting paid!

Subsidized Health Costs

Since 2016, French businesses have had to provide healthcare to their employees. Depending on the industry you work in, your role will depend on what health benefits you get. However, all employees can at least benefit from a basic insurance package that benefits them if the worst happens.

Fixed Maternity Leave

It’s not just women that benefit from fixed maternity leave. A new dad can also have 11 consecutive days off, with a further six days allowance if twins are born. It’s not the employer’s job to offer paid leave, though, it’s up to the government to cover those expenses.

Excellent Minimum Wage

The minimum wage of any career must be at least 9.53 euros per hour. If you’re not getting at least that, it is illegal.

The above benefits are just some of the many that will be provided to you should you opt to work in France. A 35 hour week will give you plenty of time off to go and enjoy some of the many attractions that France is known for!