Attunity, Ltd. (ATTU) NASDAQ.


With more data being collected nowadays by businesses, the storage, analysis and proper management of all this data are crucial to business success. The main objective of managing big data is to guarantee high levels of data quality and analytics for better business intelligence. Attunity helps corporations and government agencies to deal with the fast-rising pools of big data. With Attunity software, your company can accelerate its analytics initiatives through managing data effectively both on site as well as in the cloud.

Conquer Data Challenges


The software solutions designed by Attunity are designed to help business overcome data challenges across platforms, industries or individual business needs. Some of their top software solutions include managing data flow, data replication, data connectivity, cloud data delivery, managed file transfer (MFT) and various other innovative solutions. Every company from financial services, healthcare, energy, telecom, manufacturing, retail and even government, can benefit from insights about their clients, which is the information that Attunity helps to capture, store, and transfer and analyze.




Attunity has been supplying innovative data management solutions to enterprise clients for over two decades and has several successful deployments in thousands of companies across the world. Attunity offers their business solutions both directly and also indirectly through several respected partners like Oracle, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and IBM.

The headquarters of Attunity are located in Boston, but customers can still get services through multiple offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. There is also a broad network of Attunity accredited local partners across the world. Through these offices, customers can get high-quality data management solutions that are easy to use, scalable, effective and highly affordable. Actually, most companies on the top Fortune 100 us Attunity for their data solutions.



With the constantly changing business environment, it has become very important for business to effectively manage their information needs in a cost-effective and timely way. Attunity offers a real-time visibility that allows accessibility, sharing and data distribution across different organizations, platforms, the cloud and web. By simplifying the process of data creation and warehousing, your enterprise will send less resources on preparing data and much more on analyzing the information to help in decision-making and forecasting.

Data management practices and technologies are quickly evolving to deal with the rising volume, velocity, and variety of data. Attunity is committed to offering businesses a smoother process of collecting, storing and analyzing data to improve business processes and also offer enterprises an essential competitive advantage.

Ultimately, Attunity is considered as the best foundation of the modern IT environment as businesses can enjoy great benefits through real-time data access and visibility.