The Dooth Internet Privacy Platform


We have developed such a paranoia of big brother is watching you. Is it fair, is it accurate, does it make any sense? Everyone has their own opinion but you have to separate fact from fiction before any debate can begin. When shootings occur and acts of terrorism take place we ask ourselves what can be done to prevent this from happening again? Some feel that the government needs to have more access to our information so that they can regulate what’s going on. Others believe that too much of our personal information is available already and it’s not being used the right way.

Who Is Right?

If you are making the case that the government should be able to access our emails to find information which could prevent a terrorist attach you may feel that’s a fair trade for national security. However, if you were told that a company can access your social media, your emails and other information to determine if you should able to get a job or qualify for a loan with them you may feel that’s an invasion of your privacy. The sad reality is that companies do have access to much more personal data than we would like and it’s time to put a stop to it.

dooth internet privacy

Introducing Dooth

This is where the Dooth Private Internet platform comes into play. It’s simple to use and allows you to guard your online activities from prying eyes that shouldn’t have access to your personal information. While the internet privacy platform is available for anyone the real benefactors at first will be small businesses who cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars to keep their information secure. They will be able to take advantage of services including:

  • Secured Email: All emails in the Dooth system are sealed, secure and only read by the people it was intended for. The average business handles thousands of emails a day that hold important information that about employees, day-to-day actions and their customers.   
  • Encrypted Messages: Another advantage of this platform is that you can use the direct messaging throughout your company. It is secure, safe and easy to use with end-to-end encryption so that you can communicate with coworkers around the world quickly.
  • Secured File Storage & Sharing: When you transfer and store pictures, sensitive information about yourself, your employees and your customers you want to make sure that it is protected on a separate server.
  • Calendar, Task Manager & More: Keep track of upcoming events, projects you are working on and more.

“It doesn’t matter which side of the argument you are on and there are more than just two sides of it. Some believe only the government should have access to our information while others feel that none should. What about the person who is trying to take out a loan and realizes they got rejected because the bank based it on more than just what is in their bank account and their credit history? We don’t realize that banks and other parties can monitor what we search on Google, what we say on social media and so much more. That information may not seem very important but if it costs you a loan or a new job then you start to see why it’s such a big deal.” Dooth Representative

The Dooth Internet Privacy platform officially launched in 2017 and utilizes end-to-end encryption for messaging and email. The service is free for individuals and businesses with higher-tiers of paid options becoming available later in the year. It’s time to protect yourself online from outside parties whether they mean you harm or not. Sign up for free today and see just how simple it is to use.