There is no doubt that healthcare is expensive, and a medical bill can be shocking the first time you look at it. If you cannot afford the medical bill there are various ways to get help with medical bills. But before you do so, it is first crucial to ensure all the details on the bill are correct.

Medical bill error check

You will be surprised to know that many medical bills often contain clerical errors that may lead to overcharges of up to 80% on your bills. Medical billing advocates have also said that about 80% of the claims they analyze often have errors. So before you start panicking about the number, call a medical billing advocate to get the bills lowered by removing the errors. This is often the case for people who have undergone long and complicated treatment in the hospital. After all it is the patient’s ultimate role to make sure the bill is correct.

Medical bills are negotiable

This is also something that many people do not know. You can negotiate medical bills through the hospital or doctors office or through your health insurer. You need to find the right person to talk to if you want to reduce your medical bills. It may take quite a bit of effort to get your bills reduced but you can write a letter with your request for a discounted bill or request help from the management team.

Use crowd funding

Crowd funding enables you to get donations from friends, family or even strangers who are willing to give for a good cause. You can set up an online fund and get donation from all over the world. There are some specialized crowd funding websites that can allow you to create a tailored medical bill campaign to help you pay for healthcare.

You can browse various crowd funding websites; check out how much they charge off your donations and the process of setting up a fund. You can use a crowd funding website t set up a goal amount and a campaign page. Be genuine with your story so people can read, understand and be willing to offer the support you need through the process. Having a strong social media presence also helps you raise more money online because your story is likely to be shared virally.

Financial Assistance

People with low income or financial hardship can also qualify for assistance with medical bills. The hospital or medical center may have their own assistance plan for patients who are having difficulties paying your bills. They can also refer you to other places where you can get assistance. In case you do not meet the eligibility criteria, you can also get assistance from charities. You can get help from church through your congregation leader to encourage church embers to donate if you are a religious person. State and local governments also offer assistance to those who qualify. You can research and ask around from the hospital guys about where to get help if your own personal finances cannot handle paying off the bill.


Joanne Rivers is a non-profit organization manager. If you need help with medical bills, go to for crowd funding help.