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Despite questions and concerns about the quality of the latest iPhone and Samsung models, there is no denying they will both sell huge numbers this year. If you think consumers are the only ones impacted by the release of a new phone consider that every single business that does mobile and online marketing has to make sure that their site and app are able to be used by these phones. For some, it’s not a concern at all, but for others, making the necessary adjustments is very important. Appsbar, the free mobile app builder, has already made the adjustments necessary for their users to be found on the newest Apple and Samsung Devices.

“There are new phones and tablets being introduced all the time as companies need to have the latest technology available to the consumer. If we are going to be the best free app builder on the market we have to make sure that we are compatible with the latest Apple and Samsung models. The Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7 are going to be major sellers, especially as we get closer to Christmas and we want to make sure that every single app that is made with is compatible, works great, and helps you share your idea with millions of people.” Appsbar Representative

Create an app for iPhone 7

The king of the mountain. Even if the reviews aren’t well received, you can be sure there was a line out the door the first day it’s available. Over the last few years, Apple has focused their efforts to getting back to being the best and most innovative. Never shy of controversy, the big talk is about the wireless headphones. At first it seems like a very unpopular move, but how many times has that been said about something new the company has unveiled only to see sales go through the roof?  

Create an app for Samsung S7

One of the things that have cost Samsung customers over the years was their inability to carry as many apps as Apple devices. It wasn’t just about quantity; it was about selection as well. Finally they have caught up with a great selection to go along with advanced applications on the device, and customers have responded with a bump in sales and more usage.


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The True Advantage To Build Your Own App For Free

Small businesses are constantly in a battle to expand and get their brand out there. Their biggest limitation is their budget. Free app builders allow these small businesses to level the playing field against some of the bigger competitors who have a bigger budget. But how does an app really help you? It encourages customers to interact with you on a regular basis, reminding them that you not only exist but that they enjoy your services or products. It also keeps them updated on important information like sales and promotional events, and you can even use it to keep track of their visits so they can be rewarded for their loyalty.

“We have thousands of examples of small businesses that have gotten a boost in marketing by using our service. The best part is they didn’t have to pay a thing to use it, and they are able to not only bring new customers in but interact with them on a regular basis so that they can get repeat business. You put all that hard work into getting new business, but remember, repeat business is important as well. You have a platform now to be as creative as possible, build your brand, and get your company out there on the latest technology, and you get to do it for free.”

If you are looking for a way to market your company or share your idea in correlation with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 Models then is the place to go. Their encouragement of creativity and engagement has provided the format for thousands of users to share their ideas, companies, and creations with millions of people around the world.


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