Alliance BioEnergy +, Inc. (OTCQB: ALLM)

With the continuous increase of fossil fuels, people are looking for better, more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives. And one of the best candidates is biofuel. However, there are only a few companies that possess the technology to be able to convert biomass into fuel, and one of them is Alliance BioEnergy + Inc.

Based in Palm Beach, Florida, Alliance BioEnergy + Inc. have patented the CTS process that can convert any cellulose material in sugars and any other product, which include biofuel. The company had several discussions with the Department of Energy that resulted to the filling of an application for the design and construction of a manufacturing plant to produce Aviation Biofuels out of cellulosic biomass that includes agriculture leftovers, woodchips, and yard waste. This development can be a big boost to the commercial aviation industry, as well as the military.

Jet fuel is 10 percent of the refinery production of the United States. That translates to around 22 billion gallons of aviation fuel each year. Airline companies spent more than $3.00 for every gallon according to the 2014 statistics. And by the year 2020, the price will be around $5.00 each gallon according to the Annual Energy Outlook of the FAA. However, biofuel produced through the CTS process will only cost $1.00 per gallon.


Aviation Biofuels

The Renewable Fuel Standard that was enacted in 2005 and updated in 2016 has led to investments into aviation biofuel research. However, most of these researches have resulted into failures. That’s why not a lot of investors gambled on biofuel technologies. That was until Alliance introduced its patented CTS Process.

The aviation biofuels produced through the CTS process allow airline companies to comply with the Renewable Fuel Standard. They are able to lower their carbon emissions, and at the same time lower their overhead expenses.

The CTS Process

The CTS process is the only viable method of converting cellulosic sugar into aviation biofuels. The process allows an aviation biofuel manufacturer to produce sugars from non-food and food cellulosic biomass for around $0.08 for each pound. That means they don’t need to buy sugar in the wholesale market. This will make biofuels cheaper in the long run.

The CTS process is a fast, simple, and environmentally friendly method. And the best thing about the process is that it utilizes any type of cellulose material. There’s no need for the pretreatments of feedstock. And there’s no waste. The water and catalyst are recycled in the process.

Alliance BioEnergy + Inc. have invested a lot in the refinement of its CTS process. As the leader in the converting cellulosic sugar into biofuels, it wants to expand its technology to include military-grade jet fuel in the near future.

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