The Top 6 Online Clothing Websites of 2017

Online shopping has become one of the main ways that most people buy items today, thanks to the convenience and the lower prices. However, when it comes to clothing, most people still like buying their clothing in-store.

Some people buy in-store because they want to make sure the clothing fits. However, as long as you have a sewer’s measuring tape, you can check if items you can purchase online will fit or not. There is a huge variety of online clothing stores that stock the latest trends or have prices that cannot be beaten. Here are the six online clothing sites you should have bookmarked.


1. eShakti


Instead of having to worry about if a piece is going will fit you, you should check out eShakti. They can custom fit all of the garments that they offer with your measurements for $7.50 apiece. You can also buy the pieces in standard sizes, which run from ladies 0 to a 36W.

2. Plasticland


If you are a fan of Hot Topic but do not want to be seen anywhere near that store, Plasticland is for you. Plasticland carries a wide range of clothing, accessories, and shoes that are in the retro, rockabilly style, with some pieces being more Gothic.

3. 10 Dollar Mall


If you are on a tight budget, 10 Dollar Mall is a great option. All the pieces on the website are under $10. They offer size 00 to size 17 in most items, and they now allow you to search by size. However, there are limited options for curvy girls.

4. Deb


Deb offers a good variety of sizes in their clothing, so you can most likely find your size. Their wide size range allows everyone to wear the latest trends. They also have shoes and accessories, so you can make a full outfit just on their site.

5. Romwe


Romwe offers a mixture of traditional and trendy clothing. They are also adding new pieces regularly, so you can keep up with the latest fashion trends. There are also more artsy pieces available that can help you stand out from the crowd. The best part about Romwe is that they have free shipping worldwide after $50USD.

6. Forever 21


Forever 21 do have stores in malls, but they have a much better selection on their website. Shipping is free after $50, and the online store does get new stock first.  Also, if you live near a Forever 21 store, returns are easy because you can do them instore.

Shopping for clothing online does not need to be difficult or stressful. Many clothing websites have size guides, and guides that show you how to measure yourself. So, online clothing shopping can save you a lot of money or help you find pieces that you cannot find locally.