2016 has its share of important events.  It is not the worst year, even with the earth-shattering controversies that surfaced the earth and the terrorist attacks that shook the whole nation.  Here are the top six worldwide events that define our 2016.


1. Columbia’s Peace Deal

After a 50-year history of war against the guerilla group, FARC, the government has finally signed a peace deal last 25th of August 2016 after years of the ongoing peace talk.  The two parties have settled in an agreement which have been criticized by the public since they believe that it highly favors the FARC.  President Santos scored a Nobel Peace Prize last 2016 for initiating the peace agreement.


2. Impeaching of the President

In 2016, it proved once again that the power is in the hands of the public as South Korea and Brazil impeached their president last 2016.  President Rousseff was embroiled in the massive scandal, and President Geun Hye has allegedly made crucial decisions with goals to extort money from the companies.


3. The Fall of Eastern Aleppo

Last June 2016, the Syrians launched a major operation that will subjugate the territory in eastern Aleppo that is being held by the rebel.  There was a ceasefire last September, but it broke immediately.  Despite of the gruesome result, the assault did not stop.  On December 15, they settled on a deal which allowed the remaining rebels to leave the city.


4. Fail of the Coup in Turkey

The fail of the coup in Turkey showed how powerful social media was.  By utilizing the Face App, Erdogan called on the citizen to stop the coup.  The citizens responded by flocking the street and by morning, the forces of the military who remained loyal to the government has regained a total control.


5. Rodrigo Duterte Elected as the President of the Philippines

Last May 2016, Rodrigo Duterte became the elected president of the Philippines which drastically change the foreign policy of the country.  Eventually, the president would demand a separation of the country from the United State and will seek the help of the China.


6. The Nuclear and Missile Test of North Korea

For at least 20 years, the united States together with the other countries have been pressuring North Korea to cease their program for nuclear weapon.  However, the North Korea decided to push through its program.  The 4th test on their nuclear has been conducted last January 2016 which was followed by another test last September 2016.  Due to the current circumstances, President Obama told Trump that it should be the major priority of his administration.

There are other essential events that shaped 2016 including the unpredicted wining of Donald Trump in the Presidential election, the Brexit and the interfering of the Russian in the election.  Let us just wish that more positive things will happen this 2017.