The Cloud is Amazing and Powerful

Collaboration helps businesses grow and succeed, and the cloud is an amazing powerful collaboration tool. It’s not just for storage. It’s a multi-use business tool capable of hosting an application manager and boosting productivity. It makes sharing information an effortless task and it’s scalable, so it grows with your business. With the cloud, you can access your CRM from anywhere in the world. The cloud is quickly gaining traction as a requisite component of success, so adopt it now to remain competitive in business.

  1. White-Label Cloud Services Let Customers Find, Buy, and Manage Cloud Services

Imagine building a multi-sided platform without the time commitment. It used to take years to build these types of platforms, but cloud technology has made it possible to build a cloud management platform instantly. On-demand services have incredible functionality, making them useful to a wide range of businesses. Here’s a sampling of some of what you can do with a multi-sided platform:

  • Application marketplace: create interactive listings, product profiles, review sections, and product recommendations for your customers.
  • Application manager: manage customer identities and passwords, manage subscription billing and payment management, and manage your social enterprise network.
  • Developer center: empower developers to list their products, manage their customers, manage their billing, and automate testing and more.
  • Marketplace manager: customer service tools and analytics, catalog management, marketing management, customer management, and billing and payment management.
  1. Mobile Offices Boost Productivity

Imagine not being tied to a single location… That’s the beauty of mobile tech. It allows your employees to go out on sales calls, yet remain connected to the office. Mobile offices free up your staff to travel, work from home, keep in touch, and make excellent use of company resources. Having a mobile office keeps your team efficient and creative.

Most businesses have the ultimate goal of being profitable, and mobile offices cut operational costs. For employees, the boost in productivity comes from the speed of the server. Cloud services don’t require continual server environment refreshes, so work is conducted faster and in a more streamlined manner. Factor in that you’ll need less IT support staff, and you’re beginning to see how the cloud can save you money too.

  1. Sharing Data is Effortless

As previously stated, collaboration is essential to growing businesses. The cloud makes collaboration (the sharing and exchanging of ideas between two or more people) much simpler than it was before. Real-time conferencing, such as webcam meetings, is an example of how cloud tech is improving collaboration. Sales people can meet face-to-face (really, video-to-video) with other staff whether across the hall or in another country.

The cloud hosts other collaboration programs, including spreadsheets, calendar programs, file-sharing systems, and more. There are even programs that allow employees to video conference and update files at the same time. These brainstorming programs are perfect for creative types and allow for real-time updating from a variety of sources.

  1. Start Small and Increase Over Time

The cloud is scalable, meaning it’s capable of growing as your business does. You can pay-as-you-go, paying only for the services you require and adding more as you get bigger. Because you’re only using minimal software, you can reduce your spending on IT staff too. In fact, it may be more economical to outsource IT completely and only pay when an issue arises.

Small businesses can remain competitive with larger ones by partaking in the useful tools offered on the cloud. Despite starting small and without making any significant changes to your business, you’ll be using the same applications and services larger companies use. This is a competitive edge that can’t be overlooked.

  1. Access Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) From Anywhere

CRMs help your business grow by tracking your customer interactions, including calls they’ve made, emails they’ve sent, purchases they’ve made, and so much more. It cannot be underestimated the value of a CRM, and the cloud makes accessing this information from anywhere a very real possibility. In fact, the entirety of your CRM can be saved on the cloud and backed-up to hard drives at the end of every business day so, no matter where your marketers and salespeople are, they can access prospective sales-making opportunities and act on them.

There’s no denying that the cloud is a powerful business tool. Leverage it to manage your business, create new revenue, and create new opportunities. Without it, you may not be able to function competitively in today’s world of business. Don’t be left behind. Get on the Cloud today.