What You Can Learn About Successful Hotels

The hotel industry is bursting with competition right now, so it is harder than ever to compete against your industry rivals. Not only do you have to provide the most exquisite rooms and a central location, but many guests now expect award-winning hospitality, an on-site bar and restaurant, spa facilities and a host of in-room extras.

It’s fair to say, running a hotel is not easy and requires a lot of hard work, passion and dedication. Well, to make your life a little easier, we are offering some of the top lessons you can learn from some of the most successful hotels in the sector.

Cater to the Modern Traveler

The likes of Airbnb now cater to the modern customer, primarily offering sleeping quarters without all the extra perks. While some guests love nothing more than a relaxing massage, a drink in the hotel bar and ordering room service, there are travellers out there who are simply looking for a place to rest their head for the night.

Many guests, such as millennial travellers, don’t plan on spending much time in their hotel, so will more than likely need a comfortable bed and bathroom facilities, before they jump onto another plane. You could therefore cater to their limited needs, without having to invest in a variety of services or facilities – which is ideal for start-up hoteliers.

Care for Loyal Customers

There is nothing greater than seeing a previous customer returning through the doors once again, because it proves all your hard work has been worth it. Most successful hotels survive because they care for loyal customers, who not only boost a company’s turnover, but will encourage other potential guests to book a stay at the hotel. If you notice a returning customer, pull out all the stops to make them feel welcome once again. For example, you could offer them a complimentary bottle of wine or could allow them to enjoy a free beauty treatment at the hotel’s spa – so they will be booking their next stay before they have checked out of their room.

Many hotel giants are also now using mobile technology to identify their repeat customers, offering reward programs to encourage bookings. For instance, they can book a select room for their stay, or can check into the hotel online.

Revamp the Hotel’s Interior

Even the likes of London’s Savoy or Las Vegas’s MGM Grand Hotel will experience a renovation, because they understand the need to adapt their exterior or interior to cater to modern demand. If a hotel is looking a little outdated or tired, you should consider a professional hotel development from the likes of Sajan Hansji, who has extensive experience seamlessly transforming accommodation.

Create a Hotel Magazine

One of the best ways to build a hotel’s brand is through the creation of a hotel magazine, which will offer guests an insight into a company’s identity. The Four Seasons is proving how it’s done with their eponymous magazine, which oozes luxury and personality – and there’s no reason why you can’t create your own annual, quarterly or bi-monthly magazine to provide current and prospective guests with an insight into your day-to-day operations, news and facilities.

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