The  Most  Interesting Facts 


There are facts that cannot appear true before the eyes and ears of people, but they are perfectly true and real. Researchers, observant, truth finders and nature analyzers find new facts every day, and although most of them are common, some are mind blowing and amazing especially if you don’t have a tendency of reading these facts regularly. Below are some of the five facts that you won’t believe yet they are true.


  1.  Breathe Through Our Nostrils,  Inhale More Air in One Nostril  This Will Change after Every 15 minutes.


This is a fact that it’s hard to believe but even as you are you reading this, one of your nostrils is inhaling more air than the other. The other nostril will inhale more than the other in the next fifteen minutes.


  1. The Whole World’s Population Can Fit in an Apple


If you were to remove all the empty spaces from the atoms that make a human, the entire world’s population would fit in an apple. That sounds more of a fantasy than a reality but it bears all the tangible truth since every human being is made of small atoms.


  1. 1,200,000 Mosquitoes Can Suck Your Whole Blood


You are lucky that only one or two mosquitoes bite at once. If in one million, two hundred thousand mosquitos bite you, you would end up with no blood. Each mosquito would drink up to the maximum volume it can hold.


  1. Giraffes Examine Ovulation Before Mating


Yes, they do, they are very wise animals. Before mating, the male head butt the female until the female urinates. The male would them smell the pee and notice whether the female is ovulating or not. When the female is ovulating, the giraffes will mate so that pregnancy occurs directly. When the female is not ovulating, no sex is going to occur.


  1. A Photon Takes 40, 000 Years to Travel from the Core of the Sun to the Surface


This sounds strange, yes but it is very true. The photon takes 40, 000 years from the core of the sun to the surface but it only takes 8 minutes to travel all around the earth. This is due to the distance from the sun to the surface that happen to be very long compared to the earth’s distance which is also not that small.


To conclude, these facts have a message of truth in them that people should consider researching for. Even though they might be entertaining, you can also take it as a challenge and look at some of the strange things that people didn’t know.