Telemetry systems have revolutionized data monitoring and collection systems. Telemetry uses remotely placed sensors to collect and transmit data through special signals to receivers in a different location where the data can undergo analysis and recording. The range of use of Mobile telemetry LLC cannot be understated. Many industries have joined the bandwagon and are using Mobile telemetry to monitor different kinds of industrial conditions. Application of mobile telemetry includes:

Fuel oil monitoring

Telemetry equipment can sense changes in liquid levels flow and pressure hence the application in fuel oil monitoring. These sensors will sound an alarm in case of fuel theft, sudden stops to fuel flow or drop in fuel levels. The increase in the cost of fuel makes such constant monitoring essential in order to invoice the right amount of fuel, especially among massive fuel consumers. Fuel monitoring allows for conveniences such as automatic invoicing and restocking in case the fuel levels drop beyond a threshold limit and so on.

Managing vendor inventories

Most business without proper vendor management software experience about 86% inefficient deliveries. By fitting in telemetry equipment, you may find deliveries reducing by up to 24%, which reduces unnecessary business operating costs. The telemetry software operates on agreed limits of supplies and therefore notifies the vendor when the business passes these limits. This makes it easier to manage inventories and transportation of supplies. Customers do not have to check supply levels and contact the supplier since the supplier manages supply remotely.

Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring is essential across different industries where temperature is an issue. For instance, railroad networks can feel the effects of temperatures. When it is extremely hot, the metallic rails expand and bend and this could cause a train to come off the tracks. Temperature monitoring using mobile telemetry allows the railway station to organize safe routes for trains to use in order to avoid accidents. The environmental temperature can be transmitted using GSM mobile phone networks or satellite systems to a central data server for recording and analysis.

Automatic meter reading

Automatic meter reading creates a cost effective approach to the use of different applications. The automatic meter reading telemetry can apply to large factories as well as fast food chains and the leisure industry. The telemetry equipment gives timely readings of energy use so that you can make changes to reduce power consumptions and utility bills through the data patterns given from the equipment. For instance, you can make customers more accountable in the use of facilities with a flat rate charge for the use of energy. Customers using more than the regular amount of energy can receive additional charge for the extra use.

Remote environmental telemetry monitoring

Telemetry monitoring has greatly improved efficiency and accuracy in environmental monitoring especially in harsh environments where stationing human beings is not possible. Sometimes, environmental changes can be so subtle that continuous monitoring is necessary to observe these changes. Sometimes slight environmental changes can be precursors to bigger events that can have massive impact. Mobile telemetry makes it easy to monitor these changes and respond quickly and appropriately. Environmental telemetry monitoring includes water level monitoring, flood detection, humidity and controlled irrigation monitoring.


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