Technologies Transforming Our Way of Life

The emergence of new technologies and the invention of new products have transformed human relationship with the world. And with major tech players battling to be the better game changer, we’ve had to deal with the influx of new technologies on a regular basis.

However, we recognize that not all technologies are the same. For that reason, we have identified some of the standout innovations you should know.

  1. Computational photography: Image is everything to individuals and businesses, and high-quality pictures play an important role in reinforcing that perception. With that in mind, computational photography has been designed to tremendously improve image processing by algorithmically combining a host of data from images or image sensors. The technology can assemble image data across time and space to generate either real high dynamic range (HDR) pictures or images that capture both light and dark areas. The computational procedure allows for crisper and richer images in a single short, saving you time and effort regardless of whether you are using a digital camera or smartphone.
  2. Cloud-Based AI Services: Artificial intelligence is breaking ground in various sectors, including health, manufacturing, and education. This has prompted big tech players like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM to all work tirelessly toward making advanced machine learning more readily accessible to businesses. Consequently, the cloud-based AI services aim to make artificial intelligence tools more accessible by basing them in the cloud.
  3. Wearable technology: Wearable technology is a new and innovative clothing sector that is gaining traction due to the vast possibilities that it offers. Also known as wearable gadgets, wearable technology refers to a group of technological devices that can be worn by an individual consumer. These gadgets typically include powerful technologies that collect and deliver health- and fitness-related data, among others. The innovation presents an opportunity for organizations regarding new markets and data collection. It has been predicted that the wearable technology industry will reach $100 billion by 2023, per Humanvox.
  4. Artificial Embryos: Embryonic science continues to hit new highs thanks to Dutch scientists who created synthetic embryos using mouse cells that weren’t traditional sex cells. Scientists at Rockefeller University and the University of Michigan are also said to be exploring ways to make an artificial embryo from human stem cells.
  5. Immersive Technology: Immersive technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are making their way into the mainstream. These technologies aren’t exactly new. Before now, they were more commonly found in gaming. Today, however, they are branching out into other areas. AR, for one, has shown a potential to improve efficiency in hospitals. The Patient’s Virtual Guide app incorporates augmented reality to show kids which direction to walk in the hospital environment.