The Top 4 Biotech Breakthroughs

During the past few years, we have seen a massive innovation in the field of biotech that provides countless benefits on various industries.  We witnessed how the farmers have increased their annual harvest by making the crops highly resistant against disease, insects, and others.  This innovation has extended in the health industry by combining technology with biology in order to extend, improve or perhaps restore our life.

Here are some of the most recent advances in the world of biotech that will revolutionize the field of medicine

1. Spit-Tests for Cancer

A group of researchers at University of California have successfully created a device that can identify an oral cancer by testing only a tiny drop of saliva from a patient.  Taking an extensive and costly biopsy is now virtually eliminated.  It has the capacity to identify protein that is related with the cancer cell by reacting with the dye located at the sensor.  With the use of a microscope, you will be able to detect the luminescent light that is being emitted by the specimen.  Some expert also noted that the same concept can be used to identify various types of diseases.

2. Prosthetics’ Feedback

One trouble that is evident in prosthetic is that it is quite difficult to monitor.  Those who have complete limbs know where their limbs are even without monitoring them; unfortunately, you cannot say the same thing about the amputees.  This is because our skin is a sensitive gland.  It has the capacity to detect even the tiniest change in the intensity and direction.  To address this issue, Karlin Bark from the Stanford University is designing a device that is intended to stretch the skin to create that ‘feedback’ on the movement and the position of the amputee’s limb.

3. Contact Lens

The risk of having glaucoma increases as the pressure inside our eye build up which can eventually damage our retina.  The University of California has designed contact lens comprised with conductive wire that will constantly monitor the fluid flow and pressure in our eyes.  It will then transmit its findings wirelessly in a small device.  The data will be essential to help the doctor to understand your disease better.

4. Speech Engine

For individuals who have lost their speech ability, Ambient Corporation has designed a speech engine that will allow you to produce audible voice.  It utilizes electrodes that have the capacity to detect signals travelling on the brain and into our vocal cords. The patient will simply imagine a word then the signals will be transmitted into the computer which will generate the speech.

There are so many incredible things that are currently happening in the world of healthcare and medicine.  These are some of the great advancements and development that will further improve the field of medicine in the future.