Corruption Behind the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil

Being a host of the Olympics is a pride for any country, which is also an opportunity to showcase what it has to offer. It is going to be a significant boost for tourism or the national economy in general. It is anticipated that such honor will also help improve the lives of the citizens in more ways than one. In the case of Rio de Janeiro, on the other hand, it seems that it is the opposite that is being experienced. From corruption to poverty, the Olympics is being plagued with a number of issues that are making local residents unhappy.

Residents are Being Forced to Moved

With tens of thousands of athletes and delegates from different countries, providing accommodation is necessary. Sadly, for the locals, it meant being displaced. For instance, in spite of the shortfall in low-cost housing, some have been demolished in order to give way to the facilities needed for the games, such as a bus rapid transit system. Families living in one building have been forced to move because it was converted into a swanky accommodation. The harsher reality is that in most instances, violence has been involved in order to evict residents out of what they have considered to be their home prior to the Olympics.

The Plague of Corruption

Corruption is one of the most pressing issues in Brazil, but it even became graver with the Olympics. Many of the infrastructure projects for the games have been haunted with issues of corruption. Odebrecht, builder of a subway line, has been accused of bribing authorities in exchange of being awarded the project. More than just infrastructure projects, corruption has also been apparent in contractual agreements and services, even in the judging of the games.

A Showcase of Economic Crisis

While the media will most probably showcase the glitz and glamour of the Olympics, for the locals, it is nothing but a depiction of their horrific economic condition. From corruption to poverty, it is reflective of the sad state of the economy. The government may have tried to cover-up the real condition, but it is still evident that poverty and the poor state of the economy has been ignored. The country is in fact in its worst state of recession. Prostitution is rampant, even amongst children, which is basically because of lack of work opportunities that can provide stable income.

As the 2016 Rio Olympics ends, the city, or the country in general, will forever be burdened with the remnants of this global event. It may have placed the spotlight on Brazil, but not for the right reasons. From corruption to poverty, prostitution to drugs, the event is indeed a showcase of the real state of Brazil.


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