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some like it Hot, you might be wondering why people try the Tony Robbins firewalk — what do they get out of it? The Tony Robbins firewalk has changed thousands of lives and opened minds around the world. But don’t take our word for it – check out what people have said about their experience doing the Tony Robbins firewalk:

A writer describes his experience doing the Tony Robbins firewalk as part of a seminar:

Fresh hot coals were dumped on about 90 seconds before I walked. I didn’t feel a thing as I started going across, but near the end, somehow my feet sunk in a bit, I got a hot coal between my toes and I was very happy to have my feet sprayed with water when I stepped off the coals. I had a few minor blisters, but it wasn’t a big deal — and let’s face it, how often do you get a chance to walk on fire? Tony Robbins is a big believer in immersion and it showed. We spent almost 50 hours in session over 4 days and, amazingly, he kept us locked in and enthralled the entire time. It was definitely a life changing experience that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.

John Hawkins


When Oprah attended a day session with Tony, she didn’t plan to walk across the coals. But after 12 hours she was ready, and she was glad that she tried it:

“One of the most incredible experiences of my life.”

Oprah Winfrey

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Dr. Rob Phelps has experienced a positive change in his health since undertaking the Tony Robbins firewalk:

Prior to attending this event a year ago for the first time as a participant, my life was overwhelmed with feelings of stress, and that created an unbearable pattern of insomnia that was debilitating to my life. From the tools I learned I’ve been able keep the stress level extremely low, and I’m able to sleep well on a very consistent basis. This is worth more than you could ever imagine to me and my family.

Dr. Rob Phelps


Tony explains that the firewalk isn’t about the physical undertaking but is instead about changing your mindset. Participants understand the significance of walking over the coals:

“It transformed people’s lives in a single night. It’s a metaphor for facing your fears and accomplishing your goals.”

Carolynn Graves


“The firewalk is not about the firewalk, it’s about taking steps in life, in anything.”

Jason Cocco


Many skeptics, like actor Steven Weber, have had an extraordinary change of heart and mind thanks to the Tony Robbins firewalk:

“Being somewhat of a skeptic myself, I didn’t know what to expect… every second was worth it. It was an experience like no other I’ve had, and Tony is, to put it mildly, extraordinary. I’ve                   never seen anyone walk the walk like this guy, have never witnessed someone able to match and exceed the energy of an audience of 6,000 inspired, hopeful people.”

Steven Weber


Tony Robbins is proud to help veterans who have faithfully served our country undertake this life-changing experience:

When I walked across the coals, I felt as if I was going back in time to the days as a Marine on patrol when I was not afraid of taking chances. After I made it to the other side, I felt as if I had my ‘switch’ turned back on. I felt a great sense of accomplishment to make such an epic step towards progress and growth in my life… it stands as a true testament of how much impact he          has had on not only myself but on other wounded warriors. He is a great American and true supporter of our men and in women in uniform who have sacrificed so much for our beloved country.

Omar Palaciosreal, Wounded Warrior veteran


“In my 32 years on the planet, I can be honest when I say that nothing has ever made such a transformational impact in my life as this Tony Robbins event did… If there were only a way to make this happen on a much bigger scale for wounded, ill and injured Marines, it would be transformational.”

Staff Sargeant Karlo Salgado, the Wounded Warriors careers and transition counselor


The Tony Robbins firewalk teaches us what’s possible when you approach your challenges with positivity and determination:

“Firewalking with Tony Robbins taught me how quickly we can go from impossible to possible, and that difference between success and failure in life depends on our choice, whether we will focus on our fears or on what we really want.”

Eva Lu


“There are other lessons I learned; most importantly when I come up against seemingly impossible challenges, I think back to my first firewalk and draw on a strength and power of focus that I never knew existed. Life will never be the same.”

David Schirmer


Even for longtime Tony Robbins fans, doing the firewalk changes everything:

“Transformational. That is what I’m experiencing. Thirty-plus years ago I bought the tape series Personal Power, I was tired of sitting on the couch with by bathrobe watching Another World and other soap operas… I have never felt so powerful. The firewalk was great, but it was only the beginning. I can’t wait to start my days.”

Bill Desautels


Are you ready to see just how much you can do?

“It was a powerful experience of the inner strength we have to create the lives we want, not the lives we settle for — an inner strength greater than we often give ourselves credit for. And my tiny blisters were a reminder of that!”

Arianna Huffington